Available from us in the following variants

  • Angular gripper, usually hydraulically operated
  • Hook gripper with tool lock
  • Parallel gripper, hydraulic or servo-actuated
  • Special gripper

Available recordings:

  • HSK-A63
  • HSK-A40
  • HSK-A100
  • SK40
  • SK50
  • BT40
  • BT50
  • Capto C6
  • Capto C8

Clamps and grippers are available for different tool types, tool sizes and tool weights as well as in plastic or steel versions.

Product examples

Angle gripper

mechanically clamped, hydraulically released.

Hook gripper

with tool lock.

Parallel gripper

for the simultaneous use of different tool types or tool sizes – hydraulic or servo-actuated.

Special gripper

Example: two parallel grippers for short changeover distance.

Special gripper

Example: Section of a quadruple hook gripper for Capto C6.

Special gripper

Example: Quadruple gripper for 2 different tool holders with spring locking.

Special gripper

Example: Double gripper system with two independent grippers for grinding and dressing wheels.


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