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Our areas

We develop and build tool changers, changing systems, tool magazines and handling systems in a wide range of variants and high quality and reliability.

With over 80 years of company history and over 50 years of experience and know-how in tool changing systems, we can also find a solution for your task. With more than 10,000 tool changing systems at over 200 machine tool manufacturers, we have a wealth of experience.
By applying our knowledge coupled with our expertise in design and assembly, we can also reliably meet your requirements.

Development & Construction

Tool changers, tool magazines and changing systems contribute significantly to the economical use of your machine. We have the right solution for every application.

No matter what you or your customer prefer, whether a chain magazine (link or trolley chain), a rack magazine or a disk magazine, whether the tools are arranged horizontally or vertically, we have an idea and can solve your task.

ktc handling technology is always a very good choice.

Machine tool construction

We manufacture machines and systems that are tailored to your applications and requirements.

In addition to the tried-and-tested tool changing systems, we also build units and milling head changers, racking systems and workpiece handling systems.

Our experienced employees turn our solutions, but also your solutions (contract assembly) into a product.

Competence and reliability are our strengths.


As a full-service provider for the assembly of components and devices, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services. Our experienced employees and fitters will also reliably implement your solution.

Our range of services also includes the maintenance, retrofitting and overhaul of systems. It does not matter whether the system is one of ours or a competitor’s product.

Our comprehensive range of services, from spare parts to on-site installation, is available to you at any time.

About us

The ktc Handhabungstechnik is a modern production company with a focus on the production of tool magazines, tool changing systems, services and assembly in mechanical engineering.

We also manufacture and develop the right system for your machine tool, regardless of whether it is a rack magazine, disk magazine or chain magazine in trolley chain or link chain design.

Our services, such as design, development and assembly, always meet the high expectations of our customers.

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  • Competent

    More than five decades of experience form the basis of our expertise.

  • Powerful

    High-performance: We have manufactured several thousand magazines and handling devices for more than 200 machine manufacturers.

  • Customer-oriented

    We develop a solution tailored to your requirements. For confined spaces, short changeover times, fast handling – or whatever you need.

  • Cost-effective

    Our extensive modular system enables us to offer you not only fast, but also cost-effective solutions.


  • Tool changing systems
    We manufacture tool changers in a variety of sizes and designs for a wide range of applications …
  • Special solutions in automation technology
    We develop and manufacture special solutions in automation technology for the automotive, wood industry, food industry and mechanical engineering, among others …
  • Design & Development
    Development and construction of operating equipment, special machines, tool changing systems and tool magazines are the specialty of our employees …
  • Maintenance
    We can provide you with spare parts for all our machines for decades to come and install them on request. With appropriate planning, we can also take care of maintenance.
  • Contract assembly
    We also assemble systems and assemblies on behalf of our customers and within the scope of free capacities.

An excerpt from our product range …

Mit Hilfe unseres Baukastensystems entwickeln wir Werkzeugwechsler mit hoher Variantenvielfalt. Mit über 70 Jahren Erfahrung und Wissen schaffen wir das in kürzester Zeit und mit höchster Qualität.

Disk and wheel magazines

Our disk and wheel magazines are suitable for axial and radial tool arrangements with and without a folding function.

Tool changer

Automatic tool changers make a significant contribution to the economical use of machines. We have the right solution for every application. Whether shelf or link chain, disk magazine or trolley chain. ktc handling technology is always a good choice.

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Shelving systems
We can cover a wide range of variants for shelving systems. Single or double-row shelving systems with several comb rows and an additional loading lock are just some of the possibilities.
Chain magazines
Our chain magazines can be adapted to a wide variety of installation spaces. Our modular system offers the option of mapping any interior and exterior contours of machine tools.
Special solutions
We develop and build special solutions for our customers and carry out simultaneous engineering with the aid of our modular system.
We offer a solution for every machine!
ktc Handhabungstechnik GmbH


As a service provider for metal processing and the assembly of components and devices, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. We focus on the development, design, manufacture and assembly of metal and plastic components.

Of course we are open to your wishes.


  • The ktc Gmbh produces power supplies, from standard components to individual special solutions.
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As the world’s oldest manufacturer of automatic tool changing systems, we always provide you with the right solution for your machine tools.


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Phone: +49 (0) 7181 925 – 400
Mail: info@ktc-gmbh.de