Our chain magazines can be adapted to a wide variety of installation spaces, have a very narrow design and offer the possibility of high tool numbers and are available in the following variants:

Meander chain magazine

with folding chain links and cam gear – a space-saving miracle:
ExampleATC 122 / SK40 K – M
Tool standardSK40 (also available for tool types with SK50, HSK63 and HSK100)
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: max. 85 mm
with free adjacent space: max. 165 mm
Tool weightmax. 7 kg
Total weight of all toolsmax. 500 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 10 Nm

L-shape chain magazine

with a quadruple gripper for a double-spindle machine, alternatively with a disk as a removable storage unit:
ExampleATC 73 / HSK-A63 K – Ü, H
Magazine capacity73 seats
Tool standardA63HSK-B80
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: max. 105mm
Tool lengthmax. 300 mm
Tool weightmax. 12 kg
Loadingmax. 500 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 10 Nm

As an alternative to the quadruple gripper, a servo-actuated disk can also be used. For two-spindle machines with two disks. Fastest changeover times with single cycle!

L/U-shape pick-up chain magazine

for horizontal machining centers, here version for 4-spindle machine.
ExampleATC 100 / HSK-A63 K – PU, H
Magazine capacity100 seats
Tool standardHSK-A63
Chain pitch120 mm
Tool weightmax. 8 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 12 Nm

Chain magazine

with angle guide and changing unit for changing into a horizontal and/or vertical
ExampleATC 80 / SK50 K – WF, H/V
Magazine capacityup to 120 seats
Tool standardSK50
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: max. 125 mm
with free adjacent space: max. 300 mm
Tool lengthmax. 500 mm
Tool weightmax. 30 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 60 Nm

3D magazine

with minimal footprint:
ExampleATC 60 / HSK-A63
Magazine capacity60 places (other numbers are possible)
Tool standardHSK-A63
Chain pitch 120 mm
Tool weightmax. 10 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 10 Nm
Chain speedmax. 25 m/min
Cycle time place to placeapprox. 0.6 sec

The space-saving solution for perfect adaptation to the machine. Can be mounted horizontally and vertically, with and without exchange unit.


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