Our disk and wheel magazines are suitable for axial and radial tool arrangements with and without a folding function. They are available in the following variants:

Bike magazine

for horizontal machining centers:
ExampleATC 2 x 30 / HSK-A100 T, H
Magazine capacity60 seats, modularly expandable to 120 and more seats
Tool standardHSK-A100 / SK50 / BT 50
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: 125 mm
with free adjacent spaces: 250 mm
Tool lengthmax. 450 mm
Tool weightmax. 25 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 20 Nm

Disk magazine

with hinged tool holders for horizontal machining centers and grinding machines:
Mit Hilfe unseres Baukastensystems entwickeln wir Werkzeugwechsler mit hoher Variantenvielfalt. Mit über 70 Jahren Erfahrung und Wissen schaffen wir das in kürzester Zeit und mit höchster Qualität.
ExampleATC 24 / HSK-B80 T, H
Magazine capacity24 seats
Tool standardHSK-B80
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: 150 mm
with free adjacent seats: 305 mm
Tool lengthmax. 300 mm
Tool weightmax. 20 kg
Maximum load200 kg
Tool tilting momentmax. 16 Nm

Disk magazine

for horizontal machining centers:
ExampleATC 40 / HSKA-63 T – PU, H
Magazine capacity40 seats
Tool standardHSK-A63
Tool diameterwith full occupancy: 90 mm
with free adjacent spaces: 150 mm
Tool weightmax. 10 kg
Loadingmax. 200 kg

Tool disk magazine

for 24 tools with straight guide and change unit:
ExampleATC 24 / KM100 T-GF, V
Magazine capacity24 seats
Tool standardKM 100
Tool weightmax. 15 kg
Tool lengthmax. 300 mm

Tower magazine

with interchangeable unit and up to seven magazine plates arranged one above the other:
Example4-disc hybrid magazine ATC 4 x 30 / HSK100 / C8
Magazine capacity4 x 30 seats, expandable to 7 x 30 seats
Tool weight35 kg
Tool length500 mmmax. 20 Nm
Loadingmax. 1000 kg per level

Each magazine disk can hold 30 vertically arranged tools of different types (e.g. HSK100 and Capto C8). Equipped with a changing unit and a parallel gripper, which can also be swiveled into the horizontal position, tools can be inserted from a vertical position directly into the machine spindles (horizontal or vertical). The system is supplemented by a user-friendly mechanical-pneumatic loading unit.


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